Riley Road/Route 676 & Route 29

The VDOT Concept for Riley Road/Route 676 & Route 29 Intersection says:

“At the T-intersection of Route 29 and Route 676, installing a restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT) would create a safer condition for traffic turning left out of Riley Road.  The design reduces the number of conflict points that may cause crashes, as well as minimizes delays for motorists entering Route 29.”

VDOT Concept Drawing for Route 29 and Riley Road / Route 676

Why this doesn’t work:

It is the belief of the stakeholders that the proposed “Michigan Lefts” would deter traffic to the businesses along the corridor.  Local homeowners are concerned about the safety of making U-turns on a very busy highway, with no way to break the flow of traffic.  Commuter traffic attempting to return home to the local communities would back up the U-turn lanes and further congest the corridor.  Large vehicles such as semi-trailers, horse trailers, RV’s, and vehicles towing trailers or boats would have an almost impossible turn to make.  Emergency Respondents would face a difficult maneuver with large fire trucks and decreased response times.

VDOT’s primary concern is moving through traffic through this section of the corridor quickly, however their concept leaves no consideration for the local community that needs reliable, safe access to Route 29.

Brookside Communities Proffers have a budget for a stoplight, which was promised to the developers and homeowners when Brookside Communities was established, this plan denies the promised stoplight.


To view videos of local stakeholders speaking at the Public Hearing meetings in opposition of the VDOT Proposed Plan view the Gallery HERE.