Watch Videos – Stakeholders Testify

At the CTB Public Hearing held on May 7th in Culpeper Virginia, 31 stakeholders from the local community came out to speak in opposition of the proposed VDOT plan.  The CTB recognized the unprecedented attendance at their public hearings and the VDOT Commissioner, Stephen C Brich, P.E.; committed to taking a step back and reevaluating the plan which affected so many so deeply.

The Secretary of Transportation, Shannon Valentine, said “You have been heard” and reassured the attendees that both herself and Mr. Brich were new to their positions, and had no part in the previous proposal.  She said it was evident that more meetings and discussions needed to be had, and that they were willing to do so.  She reassured everyone that this was just a draft plan, and that no final decisions had been made.

District 31 representative Elizabeth Guzman also made an appearance on behalf of her constituents, stating that this was an issue she had heard a lot about.

Fauquier County Board of Supervisor Holder Trumbo also appeared to to support his fellow community members.