VDOT 6-Year Plan Proposal

It is our belief that the current VDOT proposal to eliminate left-hand turns at the Route 29 Intersections of Rt. 600/Broad Run Road, Rt. 676/Riley Road, and/or Rt. 215/Vint Hill Road will directly and negatively affect businesses, is anti-historic-preservation, and is potentially more dangerous than existing conditions.  VDOT’s plan is also widely unpopular with residents, developers, business owners, land owners, and County Supervisors – therefore it does NOT have consensus of support as required by VDOT and CTB.  Please see the attached County Supervisor Resolution in opposition to the proposed “improvements”.

To view a summary of the CTB and VDOT documents please click HERE.

To view the VDOT Concept for these intersections please click HERE.

Comments to VDOT and the CTB may be submitted via email, or online.

Email: six-yearprogram@vdot.virginia.gov

Online – www.ctb.virginia.gov/planning/springmeetings/default.asp (See the menu on the right and click on:  Comment on the Program)